We specialize in providing Information Technology with a business-oriented spirit and approach.

The Company

FPn (FP netWorth) is a member of FP Consilium, a multi-family office. It was incorporated in 2010 to answer specific consolidation and reporting needs for the group’s clients and developed a proprietary owned web application for wealth consolidation.

Deriving from the merger of the sectors of Finance and Information Technology, it combines a team of professionals enjoying the values, principles and technical skills of both industries.

As a full-fledged IT company, it interferes before, during or after a solution has been provided. It aims to deliver the best possible reliable solutions to help clients improve IT efficiency and business profitability.

Our People

FPn team is continuously growing and it combines resources coming from different cultures and backgrounds but sharing the same business values and rigor. Our people have joined the company to adhere to a project and to participate in a common adventure.


Our goal is to allow our customers to benefit the most from their relationship with us. We thus partner with the most prominent companies in the application and networking fields to enhance our global offering.

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